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Our premium range of cosmetic injectables for face and body.

Anti Wrinkle Price per Unit
Anti Wrinkle Injections from$3.35 - $3.95
Anti Wrinkle PackagesPrices From
1 Area (crows feet)$198
2 Areas (choose 2: frown lines, crows feet or forehead lines)$349
3 Areas (includes frown lines, crows feet & forehead lines)$499
Hyperhidrosis (Underarm Sweating)$990
Dermal Filler PackagesPrice From
Lip Filler - Soft$389
Lip Filler Premium$500
Lip Filler - Russian Lips$650
Anti Wrinkle + Dermal Filler (relax and refresh combination package)$750
Tear Trough - (specially formulated dermal filler for tear troughs and dark circles)$650
Jawline Filler - (dermal filler package for jawline sculpting)$1,500
Liquid Face Lift - (dermal filler package for all over facial rejuvenation)$2,200
Dermal FillersPrice From
Ultra Thin - softer volume enhancement like correcting fine lines$300/ml
Thin - softer volume enhancement like correcting fine lines$500/ml
Medium - structural volume enhancement
Thick - lift + structural volume enhancement$650/ml
Ultra Thick - corrects + supports facial contours$850/ 1.2ml
Cellulite Cosmetic InjectionsPrices from
Biostimulators Cosmetic injections for cellulite improvement$750
Mono PDO ThreadsPrice From
Smile/ Smokers Lines $399
Nasolabial Folds$399
Crow's Feet$399
Tear Trough$399
Submentum Tightening$399
Cheek Rejuvenation$749
Jawline Tightening$749
Acne Scar Meshing$749
Double Screw PDO ThreadsPrice From
Brow $599
Frown Lines$599
Malar Thickening (Cheeks)$599
Nasolabial Folds$599
Buccal Hollowing$999
Marionette Lines$999
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