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Stories and advice from leading industry professionals and experts. Focusing on areas of skincare, aesthetic medicine, fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and wellbeing.

WATCH: Meditation + Managing Stress

If you haven't already I recommend you establish a regular meditation practice. There are many different styles of meditation, at Mind High Club we teach an effortless, profoundly restorative technique that goes beyond your mind....

Cassie CameronMind High Club Founder + CEO

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Our Core Topics Featured

Q&A with the inspiring experts in the world of beauty, skincare, and medical aesthetics.

Pro Talks

An opportunity to explore and connect with our professional experts from various differing industries, that help shed some light and put perspective on things that may have not been considered before.

Fitness &

Fitness and nutrition play an important part in our overall wellness. Check in and check out with some of our leading fitness and nutrition experts that share a few little life hacks with us.

Mindfulness &

Delve into the world of meditation, mindfulness and well being.  These talks are meant to inspire, teach and culminate a new way of thinking by decluttering your mind.


Beauty pro hacks to keep you radiating all year round.  Pick up new tricks with tried and tested skin care rituals, professional treatments and professional skin care ranges.


We chat to some medical experts and professional aesthetics in the know’ers that help to myth bust, explain and teach about new, current and trending treatments from all things aesthetics.


Watch incredible and awe inspiring journeys with people from all walks of life. Our inspiring moments series will show you real life journeys that will have you smiling.

#Supportlocal with our wonderful, passionate and dedicated North Sydney team. Take a sneak peak into this incredible clinic.

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