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The Body Sculpting Difference

We are passionate about helping people with areas of frustration gain confidence without the need for risky invasive surgery by making world class non invasive, medical grade and clinically proven treatments accessible and affordable.

In the last decade the healthcare industry has looked on in wonder at what non-surgical techniques have achieved for the face.

And now we are able to use non-invasive techniques on the body to achieve the same incredible results - and we’re not ashamed to say we’re excited about it!

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01. We are specialised.

We specialise in treatments advanced treatments. The old saying is true: if you try and be great at everything you will be good at nothing.  We are masters in the art of non-surgical, non-invasive and non-toxic body sculpting, contouring and firming treatments.  This allows us to assess the ideal candidate and create a customised plan.  Body sculpting is an art form, that takes learned practice and repetition.

02. We Are Trusted.

Our clinics have and consistently perform more cryolipolysis treatments than anywhere else in Australia.  We know how to apply this treatment correctly and work closely with our clients, pre, during and post treatment. We are the busiest because we are the best.

03. Dedicated Medical Team.

Led by our medical team, we drive best practice across all our clinics, being at the forefront of high standards in clinical safety, training and care. We are equipt with medical grade, industry-leading devices and cosmetic injectables. Our esteemed and highly qualified team apply their specialised knowledge of facial anatomy and non-surgical body treatments.

04. Experienced and Trained Staff.

A core foundation to our clinic is the ongoing investment of skills, technology and beauty  focused training for our staff.  This includes how to be aesthetically empathetic to our clients needs, so it helps them reach their desired body shape and goals.

05. Range of complimentary treatments.

We do not just focus on one specific modality. We understand that to achieve optimum results often treatments are customised and recommendations are made to use multiple modalities to help the client achieve the best possible outcome we can for them. It’s about being the best version of yourself.

06. Registered Medical Grade Technology.

We invest in the best in class, advanced medical devices which are registered as medical grade devices in our clinic that have been backed by sufficient clinical studies. Because our singular focus is treatments from the neck down we are at the forefront of technological innovation for gold standard devices that have clinically proven results.

Our Company Values

Individual Prescriptive Treatment Plans

While other industry players offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach using technology which treats one concern well at Body Sculpting Clinics we offer a range of the latest treatments using the most advanced, next generation equipment.

We start with a thorough, and complimentary, patient diagnosis. Using this data our trained body specialists tailor a course of treatment specific to your body and goals.

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Career Opportunities

We are dynamic market leaders, putting our clients as our number one priority. If you have a passion in technology, innovation, next generation thinking, beauty and most importantly customer experience - we want to hear from you.

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