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Lip Filler


Lip Enhancements

Lip fillers can help to restore lip shape, add long lasting volume, improve symmetry and enhance the border to create a desired shape and balance by naturally defining your lips with lasting results.  When applied correctly the specially engineered dermal fillers for lips can have an incredible natural or dramatic result for the patient.

Symmetry + Volume + Hydration.

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*Disclaimer – Results vary from patient to patient.

A non-surgical lip augmentation, is performed by injection of a specially formulated type of gel dermal filler composed of hyaluronic acid.

This is a natural substance that can be found within the skins dermal layers and helps to add volume and definition to the lips by drawing water to the area, softening and plumping the upper and lower lip.

There are not only several types of techniques for lip enhancements that can be tailored to suit your desired outcome, but the type of filler used on the patient is important, lip fillers are more art than science.

This is why it is important you carefully consider not only who injects your lips, but also what type filler is used.

Different fillers and different techniques can subtly add volume to plump out marionette lines, as well as enhance and redefine the natural contours of your lips, without looking ‘fake’ or overdone.

Our clinics use only premium grade fillers. Our expert medical professionals can augment your lips in a number of ways.

  • By adding definition to lip borders (Vermillion border)
  • Increasing plump and volume, whilst staying soft and natural
  • Turning the lip borders out, to create the perfect pout
  • Or by adding volume and projection
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Fuller + Plumper + Natural looking Lips.

  • The aesthetic gel-based filler is based on a naturally occurring bodily substance, a sugar molecule.
  • The function of this molecule is to bind water and act as a lubricant and shock absorbers in the parts of your body that are movable, as well as transporting nutrients and regulating your skin’s water balance.
  • Dermal fillers revitalise and add volume to the treated area instantly by boosting this naturally occurring substance.
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  • Specially selected dermal fillers are used to treat the lips.
  • Different products are used depending on the desired effects.
  • Lips require a softer product that ensures the results are subtle and natural.
  • Dermal fillers can both enhance a younger lip and volumise the ageing lip.
  • There are many attributes that make lips appealing including the border, volume, balance and symmetry.
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Best way to maximise your results.

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Our safe, injectable gel filler treatments are administered by our experienced, qualified Cosmetic Nurses to ensure a customised treatment plan that brings out the best in your face, with natural-looking results.


For best results, it is important to follow your doctor and nurse injectors pre and post preparation advice to get the best results out of your treatment and attend your 2 week review appointment so that we can ensure the product has settled correctly and you are achieving your desired results.

Most often lip fillers are combined with anti-wrinkle injections to help assist with different areas – and most often patients require a number of treatments for desired results. We offer complimentary facial analysis so please speak to your cosmetic injector.

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Top Aftercare Tips for Maximising Results.

  • Keep the area clean
  • Apply a cool compress to the site for ten minutes every hour, on the day of treatment
  • Avoid any facial treatments immediately after treatment
  • Avoid excessive pressure or any ‘facing-down’ (e.g. massage) treatments for 24 hours 
  • You may wish to sleep with your head slightly elevated to avoid pressure on the area 24 hours after treatment
  • Avoid excessive exercise and exposure to heat for the first 24 hours
  • Avoid lipsticks, AHA, retinols, or vitamin C for the first 24 hours
  • Avoid saunas for two weeks
  • Arnica pilules or Hirudoid cream may help reduce bruising
  • You may wish to take anti-histamines as required to assist reduce swelling
  • Ensure you attend your review appointment with your cosmetic injector

If you have any other questions please contact your nearest clinic, we are here to help.

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Lip Enhancement Pricing + Packages.

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*Due to regulatory requirements we are unable to specify product names. Please note like all treatments, the lasting results of dermal filler may differ between clients and is dependent on many factors such as metabolism, lifestyle and age.

Dermal Filler PackagesPrice From
Lip Filler - Soft$389
Lip Filler Premium$500
Lip Filler - Russian Lips$650
2ml Dermal Filler Package$1,100
3ml Dermal Filler Package$1,600
4ml Dermal Filler Package$2,000
Liquid Face Lift - (dermal filler package for all over facial rejuvenation)$2,500
We offer a premium range of dermal filler and specialised rejuvenation treatments. Book a complimentary facial analysis with one of our cosmetic injectors.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

  • You will see the results of your treatment almost immediately, however, it is very important to understand that your lips will be swollen. The degree of swelling is variable from person to person.
  • You can’t predict how much swelling you will get until you have had them injected, so it is recommended not to have lip filler done if you have an important event a few days post treatment.
  • Filler does take time to build regardless of how natural you want it.

What are the side effects of getting lip fillers?

  • The most common side effects occur within 24 hours or immediately post treatment. These include: swelling, bruising, redness and tenderness.
  • Immediate side effects usually disappear within days. However, depending on the type of dermal filler used, it can take a few weeks.
  • All our injectors are available for follow-up consultations if you have any concerns.
  • It is recommended you attend your 2 week review and assessment so that your cosmetic injector makes sure you are achieving your desired results.

Can lip filler be removed?

  • Yes it is possible to erase the dermal filler using an enzyme to dissolve the product and is administered via small injections to break the product down. The reversal treatment comes with its own risks and should be discussed thoroughly with your doctor and treating nurse injector.

Will there be swelling?

  • You may experience redness, bruising or swelling in the injected area. These effects are temporary it is recommend you apply a cold compress following the procedure to help minimise the impact of swelling. Light makeup can be applied 6 hours after procedure.

Post-treatment care?

  • Your injector will advise you on how to massage your lips and how often to massage.  Sometimes you may be asked not to massage them at all.  It is extremely important to follow your injectors recommendations.
  • Advise our doctors and nurses if you are taking blood thinning medications (such as aspirin, warfarin or clopidogrel etc), regardless of whether you are expecting to have treatment or just a consultation.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, follow the preventative regime that has been prescribed for you.

Follow-up and next steps?

  • We want to ensure that you are happy and that optimal results are achieved, it is recommended that you attend a review appointment and assessment at two weeks to check the aesthetic outcome. 
  • Your health and well-being is our priority. If you are concerned about any aspect of your treatment, please contact your clinic immediately we are here to help.

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