Fat Reduction

Targeted Fat Reduction

When time, diet and exercise are not enough

Even the best lifestyle incorporating a good diet and a disciplined exercise routine is sometimes not enough to give your body the look you desire. This is generally due of stubborn pockets of fat.

Until recently the only way to reduce these issues has been through surgery – which can be painful, expensive, time consuming and potentially dangerous.

At Body Sculpting Clinics we use the latest scientifically proven technologies to give you the same results, but without the drawbacks.

Not all machines are created equal. We only use the gold standard in medical grade technology for long lasting fat reduction, all of our machines have clinical studies and are backed by research findings.

Body Sculpting Clinics only use advanced registered medical grade devices in our clinic that have been backed by sufficient clinical studies, the TGA inclusion number of no 243432. TGA is part of the Australian Government Department of Health and is responsible for regulating therapeutic goods including medical devices. Once the technology is tested and approved, it continues to be regulated through post-market monitoring and standards enforcement.

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Fat Freezing with Cryolipolisis

Target Stubborn Pockets of Fat

Using a range of technologies we are able to sculpt, shape and reduce specific areas of fat on the body without the need for invasive treatments or extreme surgery.

We offer 2 treatments in the area of lasting fat reduction; cryolipolysis and High Frequency Ultrasound or HIFU. Your trained therapist will discuss the best options for you during your first consultation.

These proven technologies help you target and reduce those stubborn areas of fat that even a good diet and regular exercise can't fix.

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Multiple Modalities

We Use a Range of Treatments For Optimal Results

We are dedicated to the art of body contouring and sculpting, specialising in non-surgical body treatments from the neck down.

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Submental Fat Removal

Lose the double chin

Double chins may not be the result of being overweight. For a lot of people they are due to genetic factors or the result of ageing.

Many treatments on the market for double chin removal are invasive, painful and quite expensive with prolonged downtime. Some even involve injecting toxins into the dermal layer.

At Body Sculpting Clinics we often combine a course of cryolipolysis with MMF Ultrasound (HIFU) to help clients reduce submental fat deposits and to tighten the skin around their neck to give a more defined and contoured appearance.

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