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Medical Advisor

Mairi MacLeod RN

Registered Nurse, Advanced Cosmetic Injector & Trainer
Masters of Clinical Nursing and Teaching

Mairi is a highly experienced Registered Nurse and Clinical Trainer that has specialised full time on non surgical treatments and work over the last 10 years.  She is  an Advanced Cosmetic Injector applying for endorsement as a Nurse Practitioner.  A self described ‘nerd’ for learning, Mairi attends ongoing training as much as possible as she sees it as an integral part of her development and ability to keep her clients coming back for more. 

With several Post Graduate qualifications, not least of which is a Masters of Clinical Nursing and Teaching, and her extensive clinical experience she has undertaken roles as such as National Clinical Nurse Educator for various companies.

She is also an on-call consultant for cosmetic nurses nationally and tutors for the Australian College of Nursing, as well as other providers of post graduate qualifications in aesthetics procedures and devices.  It is fair to say that Mairi loves what she does and is up to date with evidence based practice.