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Double Chin (1 Treatment = 1 Session)$499$166 $499
Love Handles (2 Treatments = 1 Session)$499$166 $499
Abdominal (2 Treatments = 1 Session)$499$166 $499
Arms (2 Treatments = 1 Session)$499$166 $499
Male Pecs (2 Treatments = 1 Session)$499$166 $499
Thighs (2 Treatments = 1 Session)$499$166 $499
Below Bottom Roll (2 Treatments = 1 Session)$499$166 $499

Please note: One treatment is equal to one applicator. Most treatments use two applicators in one session.  There is a minimum recommendation of 2 sessions per area.  If you have any questions please contact the clinic directly.

Popular Treatment AreasPrepay 1+Prepay SaleBuy Now
HIFU Dermal Rejuvenation (Hollywood Lift)$499$349 $499 (Prepay 2+)
EMBODY: Muscle Sculpting$249$99 $249 (Prepay 4+)
Unlimited LED (12 weeks)$69 per session$25 p/week $69 per session

Terms and Conditions with purchase: By making an online purchase of our treatments, you acknowledge and agree to abide by Body Sculpting Clinics’ Terms and Conditions, as well as our Cancellation and Refund Policy. Please note that these treatments are intended for personal use at our Charlestown clinic and cannot be gifted or redeemed by anyone other than the purchaser. For a detailed understanding of our policies, kindly refer to our full Terms and Conditions available.

Treatment Guide

Non Surgical Fat Reduction (Cryolipolysis)

Typically, clients will require multiple cycles to ensure comprehensive coverage of the targeted area during each cryolipolyisis (fat freezing) treatment.

Determining the specific number of cycles needed for a particular area is a personalised process at Body Sculpting Clinics.

We highly recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation with one of our specially trained therapists. They will work closely with you to design a customised treatment plan that aligns with your unique goals.

HIFU (Skin Tightening)

Typically, clients will require multiple sessions of HIFU Dermal Rejuvenation.

For HIFU Dermal Rejuvenation, this superficial treatment employs a 1.5mm cartridge to stimulate collagen production. It can serve as part of a post-treatment maintenance plan following the lifting and tightening HIFU treatment, or as a standalone rejuvenation treatment.

We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions of HIFU Dermal Rejuvenation, and you can schedule these treatments every 6 weeks as a key component of an overall skin health program. To determine the right approach for you, we encourage you to set up a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced specialists, who will tailor a personalised treatment plan to your specific needs and goals.


EMBODY is a groundbreaking treatment designed to help you build muscle and sculpt your body. It utilises HIFEM technology to stimulate an impressive 20,000 muscle contractions in each session.

To make the most of your EMBODY experience, it’s essential to recognise that while a single session can yield noticeable benefits, maximising Embody’s full potential often requires a series of sessions. Typically, clients begin with a series of 4 to 6 sessions, spaced a few days apart, to achieve the best results.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy employs three distinct colours for various skin benefits. Blue light targets acne-causing bacteria, helping to clear and prevent breakouts. Red light stimulates collagen production, reducing fine lines and improving skin texture. Yellow light promotes overall skin health, soothing inflammation and enhancing radiance. For optimal results, we recommend regular LED light treatments, typically once a week, to maintain and enhance your skin’s natural beauty.


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