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Whether you’ve always been self-conscious about it or you’ve only recently started to notice it appearing, cellulite is one of the most common areas of concern for patients visiting the clinic. In fact, up to 90% of women experience cellulite at some point in their lives and about 10% of men. While there may not be a cure for cellulite, there are ways to reduce its appearance, and at Body Sculpting Clinics, we specialise in a range of treatments that will help you improve the appearance available in here Sydney.

How we classify cellulite

Now that you know more about what cellulite is, let’s look at how we classify cellulite in order to suggest the best anti-cellulite treatment for you. There are 3 grades of cellulite: 

  • Grade 1 — While you may not be able to see any cellulite with the naked eye, a microscopic examination of your cells shows underlying anatomical changes that indicate mild cellulite. 
  • Grade 2 — The skin in the target area is pasty, has a lower temperature and decreased elasticity. There are also underlying anatomical changes seen under the microscope. 
  • Grade 3 Cellulite is visible on the skin, has an orange peel appearance as well as all the grade 2 signs.
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Our clinically proven the range cellulite reduction treatments

Offering the latest cosmetic injectables and using medical-grade devices, Body Sculpting Clinics is leading the way in advanced treatments to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Some of our cellulite treatments include:

  • Cosmetic injections for cellulite — Hands down this is our go to, using biostimulating cosmetic injectables, we insert collagen stimulating products beneath the skin where the cellulite is visible. Not only does this cellulite reduction treatment improve the appearance of skin dimples and texture, but it also encourages the production of new collagen to create thicker skin and fill out the dimples.
  • Medical cryolipolysis — Also known as fat freezing, this cellulite treatment has been medically proven to reduce fat pockets. In doing so, cryolipolysis can help create a tighter, smoother skin appearance for those who suffer from cellulite.
  • Medical-grade ultrasound therapy (HIFU) — Using high-frequency ultrasound waves, HIFU eliminates fat cells and tightens skin. This treatment effectively targets stubborn fat areas and reduces the appearance of cellulite in the process.
  • USRF — Combining low-frequency ultrasound with radio frequency, this cellulite treatment targets both fat cells and skin texture — creating a smoother, less dimpled skin appearance. This treatment is really ideal from very mild forms of cellulite and patients in their mid twenties as the skin can rejuvenate faster and has already more collagen in it.

Individualised cellulite treatment plans

At Body Sculpting Clinics, we understand that no two bodies are the same. This is why we take a completely individualised approach to cellulite treatments for our clients. If you are searching online for “cellulite treatment near me”, look no further than our clinics. Based on your unique skin and the condition of your cellulite, it’s important to come in for a consultation so we can create a highly custom treatment plan that combines our fat reduction and skin tightening techniques. From using cellulite reduction injectables to improve the appearance of your skin to using low and high-frequency ultrasound and medical cryolipolysis to eliminate stubborn fat pockets and fatty tissue, your cellulite treatment plan will be optimised to work just for you.

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The best place for cellulite treatments in Sydney

With a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses who have years of experience in the industry, you can count on Body Sculpting Clinics for the best anti-cellulite treatments in the city. To find out more about our range of medical grade and clinically proven treatments, please feel free to book a free online consultation with us — we’d be happy to talk you through the best options for you.

We have clinics located right across Sydney, so visiting us for your appointment is never a hassle. Whether you’re in North Sydney, Parramatta Westfield, North Ryde, Darlinghurst , Newcastle or Bondi Junction Westfield, we’re always conveniently nearby.


What is cellulite?

There are many myths about what cellulite actually is, with people thinking it’s fat underneath our skin caused by a bad diet or not exercising. However, the truth is that cellulite is a skin condition caused by fatty tissue pushing through bands that connect our muscles to our skin. When these bands are pulled down by fatty tissue, this makes our skin look dimpled and un-smooth.

How does cellulite form?

As fatty tissue increases beneath our skin, it pushes past the fibrous bands that connect our muscles to our skin. This causes the skin to look dimpled and lumpy — and is known as cellulite. The formation of cellulite can happen due to a number of factors, including a change in hormones, your exercise levels, genetics and various other causes.

What is the best cellulite treatment?

While there are many products on the market that claim to reduce cellulite, including creams, serums, special skin brushes and exercise regimes, the truth is that there are only a few proven cellulite treatments that actually show results. The best anti-cellulite treatment is one that incorporates both fat reduction and skin smoothing elements. At Body Sculpting Clinics, we create customised cellulite treatment plans based on your unique skin and situation. From cosmetic injectables to soften the appearance of dimples to high and low-frequency fat reduction treatments to reduce the fatty tissue beneath the skin that is causing the cellulite, our cellulite reduction treatments are holistic and effective.

How much do cellulite treatments cost?

Cellulite treatment costs will vary depending on many factors, including where you go to get treatment, how many areas you want to treat, the type of treatment you choose and the severity of your cellulite. While some clinics charge upwards of $6,500 per session, Body Sculpting Clinics in Sydney is committed to offering our clients the best prices without compromising on quality and results. To get a more accurate estimate based on your unique situation, please feel free to call your nearest clinic today. We’d be happy to talk to you about the best treatment options for you and how we can keep costs as low as possible.

How can I reduce cellulite?

While many people preach that exercise, topical creams and changing your diet will help you get rid of cellulite, there are only a handful of proven treatments when it comes to cellulite reduction. The non-surgical treatments that work to reduce the appearance of cellulite include biostimulating cosmetic injectables, high and low-frequency fat reduction treatments, and, most effectively, a combination of both fat reduction and skin procedures. It’s important to note that while these treatments have seen remarkable results, every body is different, and the best treatment for you might not be the same as somebody else. To determine the best possible cellulite treatment for your unique situation, get in touch with the team at Body Sculpting Clinics. We’d be happy to offer a consultation and explain the different treatment options available to you.

Can cellulite go away?

While there are proven treatments to reduce the appearance of cellulite, unfortunately, there is no cure to get rid of it completely. In order to improve the texture of your skin and reduce the fatty tissue that is causing the dimples and unevenness, a combination of various cellulite treatments works best. If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite, Body Sculpting Clinics is the best place to go in Sydney. With both skin tightening and smoothing treatments as well as non-surgical fat reduction procedures available, the team at Body Sculpting Clinics can draw up a customised cellulite treatment plan to help you reach your desired results.

Where can I get cellulite treatments in Sydney?

Offering a range of medical-grade skin smoothing and fat reduction procedures, Body Sculpting Clinics has some of the best cellulite treatments in Australia. Depending on your specific body and your desired results, our team of highly-qualified and experienced medical professionals will formulate a treatment plan to best treat your cellulite. With locations all around Sydney and treatments available at affordable prices, there is no better place for cellulite treatments in Australia.

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