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Beauty is deeply individual, unique and powerful.  In this interview series we ask some fascinating personalities to share their intimate stories. We discover their approach and definitions of beauty – as well as their path to self-confidence. Capturing their perspective with imagery shot through their own lens, we view their unique relationship with beauty, and one that highlights their own personal journey.

Could you tell us about yourself, your childhood, and where you're from? What did you study and what do you do now?

I was born in a refugee camp in Austria to Bosnian parents who had fled the war in 1992. We moved to Melbourne, Australia, when I was a baby, and my childhood was full of love and happiness. I grew up playing with friends, going to school, and doing activities like ballet and piano lessons. I studied Social Sciences with a major in Psychology, which led to a job working under the supervision of a psychologist in psychometric testing. After that, I worked for Bully Zero, a charity that aims to eliminate bullying by delivering prevention programs at schools.



Can you talk about your journey to Miss World and what the experience was like?

I always wanted to model, so my mom entered me into Miss Teen Australia in 2016. I wasn’t sure about the idea of competing in something based on beauty, but their slogan, “looking for a role model, not a supermodel,” caught my attention. I won, and then decided to compete in Miss World Australia. I had an amazing time, traveling around the world and advocating for causes I believed in, like fundraising for charity. The experience helped me grow into a confident, self-loving woman, and I continue to use the platform for charity work and other opportunities.

Who is inspiring you beauty-wise these days?

The person in the mirror ! Haha. Be a better you each day. If we are honest and non judgemental with ourselves we will know how to inspire ourselves to be a better version.

Esma Miss World Beach

What's your beauty and wellness routine like?

I exercise every day with walks and occasional trips to the gym, swim in salt water to keep my skin healthy, and use skincare products and creams. I’m diligent about moisturising my body and occasionally get massages to relax my muscles.

What's your biggest concern right now?

Ageing. If we are going to talk about the superficial for a moment- getting older means, we are no longer functioning at our optimum however I do believe it doesn’t have to be a debilitating process and can be a beautiful one. As we age we no longer respond how we used to, our skin, body and mental states are more prone to decline and shutting down or not working in a way that it did when we are younger, as well as face more life challenges.

For example, the stubborn areas of fat accumulated over the years was something I didn’t think would go away and it didn’t with my regular routine before coming into Body Sculpting Clinics. I’m not too concerned with the aesthetics of ageing which are inevitable like wrinkles, but I like to as a principal work on making everything at its best, so I know the body can be kept up with, if we find the right ways to go about it. I know the face can be rejuvenated and held up well too. So I have every intention of doing whatever I can to be my best self in every way and keep myself “young” for as long as possible. Or lets say as true to the age I feel 😛


Share your Cryolipolysis story! Why did you decide to give it a try? What did you notice after the treatment? Did your friends notice a difference too?

It’s amazing how even small changes can boost our motivation to take better care of ourselves!

And if you’re wondering if it’s worth doing again, the answer is a resounding “YES!” I’m already looking forward to my next session, although I’m starting to wonder if there will be any fat left to freeze off soon!

Speaking of great experiences, let me tell you about my time at Body Sculpting Clinics. From the moment I walked in, I felt like I was in great hands. The team truly understands beauty and takes the time to understand your goals. They were honest with me about what to expect and made sure I felt comfortable and informed throughout the process. I’ve had similar treatments done before, but none have compared to the results I saw with Body Sculpting Clinics. If you’re considering these treatments, don’t hesitate to trust the team at Body Sculpting Clinics. They truly care about their clients and it shows in their work.


What was your experience with downtime?

This is what I love about non-invasive treatments. There was no downtime at all. I had a little redness and the area was a little tender for a day or so but that’s all. I could go back to work straight after and no one knew I had gotten something done.

Why did you visit our clinic?

What I love about Body Sculpting Clinics is they are a speciality clinic backed by a medical team so I know everything I get done and the products I use are going to give me the results I need.
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