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Beauty is deeply individual, unique and powerful.  In this interview series we ask some fascinating personalities to share their intimate stories. We discover their approach and definitions of beauty – as well as their path to self-confidence. Capturing their perspective with imagery shot through their own lens, we view their unique relationship with beauty, and one that highlights their own personal journey.

In honour of World Pride 2023, we had the pleasure of interviewing and chatting to Kalin, a talented Drag Artist based in Sydney who explains their powerful journey about the importance of feeling comfortable in their own skin; in this edition of our ‘The Files: Muse’.
Body Sculpting Clinics is a proud supporter and advocate of ‘Wear It Purple’; a not for profit organisation that strives to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people. To find out more click the link.

Tell us a bit about your journey?

I grew up in a small country town 5 hours North West of Sydney. This town has a population of 10,000 people, a Woolworths, Mc Donald’s and a couple of pubs. I always make a joke saying I was the only gay in the village but it is true. There was no LGBTQI+ community there and no support network.  It was hard growing up as an outsider and I remember constantly thinking “why am I like this”? I moved to Sydney when I finished year 12 and never looked back.
Kalin and Dan


What does World Pride mean to you?

Fortunately for me, in Australia it’s legal to have same sex marriage. Unfortunately same sex marriage is only legal in 22 countries around the world. There are also 69 countries that have laws that criminalise homosexuality, 10 of those being punished by death. I think a lot of people can see the wrong thing with these statistics.World pride is so important because there are still people in the world living in fear because of their sexual orientation. There are so many children being kicked out of homes and forced to live on the streets because of the old fashioned views of society.World pride can show so many people around the world, who are struggling with their sexual orientation or identity, that who they are is normal, they are loved and they have a community to be a part of.

What was it like coming out?

Coming out was tricky for me. I told my mum and step dad when I was 16 and my mum told me to hide it. At the time I thought she was ashamed of me and didn’t want to be the talk of the town, but it was more for my own protection. I spent the next 2 years hiding my “new identity” and only telling close friends. I was bullied for doing different sports and hobbies. I was ridiculed for dancing and swimming and I was already targeted as being gay from a young age. Coming out at the age of 16 to everyone would have been putting a target on my back for bullying and physical abuse.

What is your self-care routine?

As a performer I use a lot of makeup that is harmful to the skin so it’s extremely important to be using medical grade products. I use a Skin Genius cleanser every night. I also have the DNA repair serum and bio surge moisturiser every night. My best friend for skin care is definitely an SPF!


What was the area of concern and why?

My main area of concern was my jawline. I felt that there was no shape in my jaw and I wanted the definition between my jaw and my neck. I had HIFU and filler done and the results are amazing. I feel more confident in the way I look and it’s nice to receive compliments about my jaw now.

Do you feel that you were able to enhance/achieve natural results with your treatment?

There is such a stigma around getting treatments down and the saying “just age naturally.  Even my mum said this to me before my treatments. But I take pride in my appearance and when I look good I feel great. My jaw line was something I always looked at and didn’t enjoy and I wanted to feel confident. I still wanted a natural look but I just wanted to enhance the features I already had. This is exactly what the treatments did and I got amazing results.

What was your experience with downtime?

This is what I love about non-invasive treatments. There was no downtime at all. I had a little redness and the area was a little tender for a day or so but that’s all. I could go back to work straight after and no one knew I had gotten something done.
K Drag
Jawline filler Kalin

Why did you visit our clinic?

What I love about BSC (Body Sculpting Clinics) is they are a speciality clinic backed by a medical team so I know everything I get done and the products I use are going to give me the results I need. I know my money isn’t going to be wasted!.

Are there any additional Body Sculpting Clinics treatments that you’d like to explore after this?

I’m definitely wanting to explore a bit of cheek filler to enhance that area of my face but I will definitely continue with my microneedling and HIFU routine.
Kalin had a bespoke and highly tailored consultation with one of our cosmetic injectors.  All cosmetic injectables treatments are performed by experienced Doctors and Registered Nurses.  It is important to book in a consultation with the team to work out the right treatment plan that works with your individual needs and expectations, this also help you make a fully informed decision about your treatment.
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