Fat loss isn't just about working out
and a strict diet anymore.
Target Problem Areas with,
Medical Grade Fat Removal Technology.

50% Off your first treatment

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See Our Results.

Each treatment reduces the fat layer in the treated area.
In weeks & months to follow, your body will naturally
process & eliminate the fat cells. Once the fat cells are
gone, they leave a more sculpted you.
Clinically Backed. Proven Results


Medical Grade
Skin Tightening.

Lift, Tighten and Contour
with No needles
No downtime & No Toxins.

50% Off your first treatment

T&C's apply


Science & Technology Explained.

Our clinic consistently performs
more cryolipolysis treatments than
anywhere else in Australia.
Our Treatments are
Safe and effective &
Learn More About the Technology


Once It's Gone,
It's Gone For Good.

Zone in on specific areas of concern,
treat Love Handles, Thighs,
Arms, Back Fat with
Non- Invasive, Non-Surgical
Medical Grade Technology.

50% Off your first treatment

T&C's apply

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Experienced Therapists

We are body treatment specialists. Our training, service and application focuses specifically on body sculpting and body contouring.

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Advanced Medical Grade Technology

Not all technology is created equal. We are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced medical grade, gold standard technology.

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Personalised Service

Our therapists undertake a thorough consultation to not only ensure great results, but also the best possible care before, during and after your treatment.

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Prescriptive Treatments

The most effective treatment plans always use a precise combination of techonolgies . Our therapist will therefore often recommend a combination of 3 or 4 techniques depending on your body type and goals.

Backed By Science

Medical Grade, Fat Reduction Treatments

Body Sculpting Clinics are your specialists in non-surgical body sculpting, body contouring and fat reduction treatments.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your body goals from the neck down using the latest scientifically proven technologies in our state of the art clinic.

Body Sculpting Clinics offer a wide range of affordable non-invasive body treatments using gold standard medical grade technology.

Learn more about our Medical Grade Technology, clinical and scientific studies.

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It's Time For Change

No Surgery, No Downtime, No Needles, Non Toxic

In the last decade the healthcare industry has looked on in wonder at what non-surgical techniques have achieved for the face.

Now non-invasive fat reduction and skin toning technology can to do the same for our bodies.

We are leading the space in anti ageing procedures for the body that don’t require invasive surgery but that do achieve effective results.

Our experienced therapists will recommend a personalised treatment plan to help you achieve your body goals.

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1. Look Great & Feel Confident


2. Lasting Fat Reduction


3. No Scarring, No Downtime


4. Saves Time & Money


5. Target Problem Areas


5 Reasons to Firm, Sculpt
and Tighten your Body

No matter how much diet and exercise you do, some areas you simply cannot reduce. Unlike invasive and risky liposuction procedures which are expensive, painful and require considerable down time, our treatments are an affordable way to reduce stubborn pockets of fat and focus on problem areas with lasting results.

Our highly trained therapists will thoroughly assess your body goals and create a personalised treatment plan that uses the latest medical grade technology.

Before and After*

Visible results you can see.

*Results vary from person to person and are dependent of factors such as family history, age and different skin types.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 9.14.58 am
Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 9.15.05 am
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Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 12.35.24 pm
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Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 4.54.03 am
Before HIFU
After Skin Tightening

Where Can I Be Treated?

 Fat Reduction. Skin Tightening. Cellulite Treatments.

Upper Arms
Upper Arms
Flanks / Love Handles
Flanks / Love Handles
Outer Thigh
Outer Thigh
Inner Thigh
Upper Arms
Upper Arms
Flanks / Love Handles
Flanks / Love Handles
Outer Thigh
Outer Thigh
Inner Thigh

Inner Thigh

Inner Thigh

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Clinic Location

We are located in Sydney at the lower end of Oxford Street, just minutes walk from Hyde Park and the CBD.

Sydney 02 8288 9110

Oxford Village, Shop 14 (below Fitness First)
Cnr Oxford St & Pelican St. Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

Opening Times

Monday – Wednesday   9am – 8pm

Thursday   9am – 9pm

Saturday 9am – 6pm

Sunday   10am – 5pm

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