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Cool Sculpting vs Cryolipolisis? 5 Things You Need To Know


So What's the Difference? 5 Things you need to know

Researching body sculpting treatments such as “cryolipolysis “or Cool Sculpting (fat freezing) can be an unnecessarily confusing process despite the incredible medical advancements in these technologies. It is now safer and easier than ever before to undertake non-surgical, medical grade treatments which result in the permanent reduction of stubborn fat.

If you’ve already started to look around you would agree that clear and concise information regarding the difference between the branded ‘Cool Sculpting’ technology and cryolipolisis is hard to find – something that this article will tackle head on.

Essentially there is no difference between Cool Sculpting and a gold standard medical-grade cryolypolisis machine, apart from the brand name. A great way to illustrate this is when you go into a pharmacy to fill a prescription and the pharmacist asks if you would prefer to purchase the more expensive branded product, or the generic one that carries an identical formulation, with exactly the same efficacy. For that reason your Doctor will refer to a medication using its pharmaceutical name (cryolipolisis) rather than directing you toward a specific brand (Cool Sculpting).  Both Cool Sculpting and cryolypolisis offer a medical grade, non-surgical alternative to liposuction without surgery, downtime or needles.

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    i ask question my belly to big /how you can do for me .how many time for treatment for fat remove fat ,how much kilo to loose / i living at Yagoona and i ask HCF to pay for treament thank you

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