Cool Sculpting vs Cryolipolisis? 5 Things You Need To Know

By October 13, 2017 September 20th, 2018 blog
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Researching body sculpting treatments such as cryolipolisis or Cool Sculpting (fat freezing) can be an unnecessarily confusing process despite the incredible medical advancements in these technologies. It is now safer and easier than ever before to undertake non-surgical, medical grade treatments which result in the permanent reduction of stubborn fat.

If you’ve already started to look around you would agree that clear and concise information regarding the difference between the branded ‘Cool Sculpting’ technology and cryolipolisis is hard to find – something that this article will tackle head on.

Essentially there is no difference between Cool Sculpting and a gold standard medical-grade cryolypolisis machine, apart from the brand name. A great way to illustrate this is when you go into a pharmacy to fill a prescription and the pharmacist asks if you would prefer to purchase the more expensive branded product, or the generic one that carries an identical formulation, with exactly the same efficacy. For that reason your Doctor will refer to a medication using its pharmaceutical name (cryolipolisis) rather than directing you toward a specific brand (Cool Sculpting).
Both Cool Sculpting and cryolypolisis offer a medical grade, non-surgical alternative to liposuction without surgery, downtime or needles.

If Cool Sculpting and cryolipolisis use the same technology, what should I look for in a treatment?

Now this is important. Although the text-book definitions of each treatment are the same, not all machines are created equally. We’ve developed 5 simple questions to ensure you are selecting the correct clinic to sculpt your body:

1.Therapist’s experience and training: Even a clinic with the highest quality machinery is only as effective as the Therapist that treats you. Look for a brand that prides themselves on ensuring their staff are industry leaders.

2.Advanced medical-grade technology: We cannot stress enough that ‘not all machines are created equal’. You need to look for medical-grade, gold standard technology. When in doubt, jump on a clinic’s website or call to ask.

3.Personalised service: Pre, during and post-treatment care is pivotal. Any treatment should include a thorough consultation not only so you understand what to expect, but to ensure fantastic results.

4.Prescriptive treatments: Look for a clinic that focuses on body sculpting through a holistic application of technologies. In some cases a clinic will only offer one treatment however the most effective treatment plan for you could use a combination of technologies catered to your individual needs. Remember your body sculpting clinic should be technology agnostic, and results focused.

5.The clinic presentation: you should never judge a book by its cover, however always take into account the look and feel of the clinic itself. Do they have an eye for detail? Is the presentation immaculate and does it embody the quality of the results you are seeking?

To learn more about Cryolipolysis and fat reduction click on this link or call Body Sculpting Clinics on 02 8288 9110 to book a consultation today.

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