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The Truth About Fat Cells


Depending on lifestyle our bodies are always either gaining or losing weight in the form of fat. However have you ever really questioned how this process occurs, and if your approach to achieving your body goals could be more effective if you understood it in greater detail?

A common misconception regarding fat loss and gain is how this occurs on a basic cellular level. Many would assume that as your weight fluctuates, the quantity of fat cells carried in your body would fluctuate alongside it, however, that is not the case. In fact, we are born with and maintain throughout adulthood a finite number of fat cells, and instead, it is the quantity of fat that each cell carries that varies.

With that in mind it’s easier to understand how in some cases, despite healthy diets and regular exercise your body retains certain areas of stubborn fat such as a muffin top, love handles or a double chin.

In the same way that our understanding of the bodies natural processes has developed with greater scientific research and understanding, so to have the options for treating those stubborn areas of fat. It’s no longer necessary to go under the knife, needle or sedation with treatments such as liposuction to achieve your body goals. In reality non surgical, medical grade treatments such as Cryolipolisis are now more accessible than ever.

Cryolipolisis uses state-of-the-art technology to target specific problem areas and results in the permanent reduction of stubborn fat. Unlike alternatives such as laser liposuction (which has little to no effect on destroying fat cells), or surgical liposuction (invasive and risky) Cryolipolisis has little to no downtime and does not results in scarring.

Learn more about the science behind Cryolipolisis. Book a consultation with one of our experienced Therapists at Body Sculpting Clinics today.

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