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Beauty is deeply individual, unique and powerful.  In this interview series we ask some fascinating personalities to share their intimate stories. We discover their approach and definitions of beauty – as well as their path to self-confidence. Capturing their perspective with imagery shot through their own lens, we view their unique relationship with beauty, and one that highlights their own personal journey.

We had the pleasure of having the talented and wonderful Joanne, in our North Ryde clinic, for a little refresher.  Here is her confidence journey, where our talented team of Cosmetic Injectors worked closely with Joanne for truly beautiful and natural results that worked to only enhance her natural features in a way that is understated and elegant. We had the pleasure of chatting to her in this edition of our ‘The Files: Muse’.

What is your daily routine?

I’m a strategic partnerships/growth manager in the tech / fashion space.  I honestly am so bad with exercise at the moment – I’m doing yoga around 1-2 times per week. Though I try to eat relatively healthily, I don’t deny myself a few Tim Tams and gin and tonics here and there.
In terms of relaxation – nothing beats the feeling of climbing into bed after work on a rainy day and chatting nonsense and laughing with my friends over the phone. I’m a people person so I recharge by spending time with other people.
Bam its Joanne


And what about your daily beauty routine?

I just did an intense chemical peel so I am on a very pared back and simple beauty regime at the moment.  Cleanser – I use a Cleansing Balm that has 9 oils and melts away any dirt without drying out my skin. Gentle and effective.
Moisturiser – I use a moisturiser that’s simple and doesn’t have any actives in it.  SPF – I’ve repurchased an SPF that’s SPF50. It does go on with a slightly white tint but dissipates after a few minutes, and it sits well under my makeup as the texture feels more like a light weight moisturiser.

What was your experience with your treatments at Body Sculpting Clinics?

It was soo amazing. My nurse Louise was super attentive and patient with me as she explains what she’s doing to me and why, and I felt like I was in good hands and that I know she wanted the best outcome for me.

What was your area of concern and why?

I’ve always had a gummy smile growing up and it was my biggest insecurity! 

Bam its Joanne face mask

Do you feel that you were able to enhance/achieve natural results with your treatment?

100%!! I’m sooo happy with how my lips turned out, and am also feeling very blessed with my jawline now as my face looks a lot more symmetrical before whilst still looking like myself. It’s the subtle changes that make the biggest difference.
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What was your experience with downtime?

I hated how I looked on the 1st and 2nd day, I thought I looked like a Hollywood villain with a super large chin and overly defined jawline (haha).  But over time as the filler settled, by Day 7 it settled into my face nicely and very naturally, to the point that I always get shocked responses when I tell people I’ve had lip, chin and jaw filler done.

How do professional beauty treatments compare to your at home beauty routine?

Definitely can’t achieve a “model facelift” with my at home beauty routine that’s for sure!

Are there any additional Body Sculpting Clinics treatments that you’d like to explore after this?

Potentially either the non surgical BBL or the collagen RF face treatment !
Joanne had a bespoke and highly tailored consultation with one of our cosmetic injectors.  All cosmetic injectables treatments are performed by experienced Doctors and Registered Nurses.  It is important to book in a consultation with the team to work out the right treatment plan that works with your individual needs and expectations, this also help you make a fully informed decision about your treatment.  Joanne’s treatment plan consisted of expertly applied dermal fillers to the lips, chin and jawline and anti wrinkle treatment to the lips.
All photo credits @bamitsjoanne

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