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Whether you have a weak and sagging jawline or you’re hoping to create profile harmonisation by restoring balance to your overall facial structure, jawline fillers are a safe, non-surgical and long lasting alternative to undergoing lengthy cosmetic procedures. An extremely popular treatment for both men and women, jawline fillers can transform the lower face, chin and surrounding areas, adding volume and definition for a more pronounced appearance. If you’re unsure whether this treatment is right for you, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about jawline fillers — from what areas can be treated, lifted and sculpted, to post-treatment results and aftercare tips.

What do jawline fillers do?

If you notice your jawline is looking softer and less sculpted with age, specially formulated fillers for the jawline can add definition, symmetry and balance to this area by reducing the appearance of sagging, baggy skin and bone loss. Jawline filler can also be used to contour and and add structure to the jawline, increasing volume for a more defined and sculpted neck and chin area. If you have a pronounced double chin, jawline filler can improve your bone structure for a more even facial profile.

Jaw filler can also be used to:

  • Create a more structured-looking jaw
  • Counteract the ageing process by adding fullness to the cheeks
  • Lift soft tissue and improve facial proportions 
  • Restore lost volume and add structural support to the cheek and chin area 
  • Reduce the appearance of jowls and marionette folds 
  • Contour the jawline, giving it a more shapely and sharper appearance 
  • Add proportion and definition to the chin area 
  • Balance an asymmetrical jawline

Can fillers lift the jawline?

Absolutely. At Body Sculpting Clinic, our dermal fillers can be injected into the skin’s soft tissue to restore lost volume. To counteract the formation of jowls, filler can be injected into the cheeks and the skin around the jawline to redefine, lift, sculpt and shape your facial structure. When this area is treated, fillers help counteract the ageing process by adding fullness, structure or softness to your face, effectively restoring the skin to its original position.

A weak jawline may be genetic or happen as we age.... Either way there are non surgical alternatives to help.....

How long does jawline filler last?

While you can typically expect results to last anywhere between 8 to 24 months, it depends on your skin type, skin condition, lifestyle, age, and the amount of jawline filler injected. Here at Body Sculpting Clinics, we use a dermal jawline filler that has a unique molecular structure and contains a host of long-lasting properties. Our fillers are ethically sourced from reputable pharmaceutical companies — this helps ensure we are using the highest quality available for best possible results.

Is jawline filler safe?

Whether you’re hoping to combat signs of ageing or looking to restructure your jaw for a more shapely and pronounced appearance, this highly skilled and fast treatment is the ideal alternative to going under the knife. With minimal downtime and low risk of complications, this treatment is administered by skilled Doctors and Registered Nurses and results are reversible if you choose a hyaluronic acid-based filler. At Body Sculpting Clinic, we only use medical-grade devices and premium, high-quality filler to ensure optimal, safe and long-lasting results. Our fillers are combined with a built-in local anaesthetic, so you can remain comfortable throughout your treatment. Plus, we’re up to date with the latest injecting techniques, for natural-looking results you will love.

What to expect from a jawline filler treatment at Body Sculpting Clinics

From lifting and redefining to sculpting and shaping, jawline filler helps transform the appearance and structure of your jaw, without the need to go under the knife. At Body Sculpting Clinics, we will assess your facial structure and listen to your cosmetic concerns before recommending the best course of treatment — whether it be adding volume to restore structure, contouring the jawline for a more youthful and sculpted appearance, or filling in soft wrinkles and deep folds that are visible when the face is at rest. 

We use a range of dermal fillers in various consistencies depending on your skin type and the concerns you’d like to correct. Our experienced team of professional injectors are trained in the art of aesthetic judgement, so you can rest assured we’ll help you achieve results that will boost your confidence and enhance your self-esteem. 


How much do jawline fillers cost?

While prices vary depending on the amount of filler our medical team inject, prices start at per $500 per ml. If you need filler to correct and support heavy facial contours, the starting price is $850 per 1.2 ml of filler. Alternatively, you can opt for a package deal that includes a combination of dermal fillers in a package. Cryolipolysis is and excellent additional treatment to fully enhance the jawline by getting rid of fat deposits under the chin.  It is one of the best alternatives to liposuction — it avoids the risks and prolonged downtime associated with this more aggressive surgical procedure. 


Jawline filler recovery and aftercare tips for flawless results

While this treatment is quick, non-invasive and relatively pain-free, following a stringent aftercare plan will ensure long-lasting results. After completing your jawline filler treatment, keep the area clean and apply a cold compress to the site for ten minutes every hour. This will help reduce the chances of swelling, bruising and tenderness. We also suggest avoiding facial treatments immediately afterwards and steering clear of rigorous exercise and exposure to heat for at least 24 hours post-treatment. 

Avoid excessive pressure on the jawline for at least 24 hours and sleep with your head slightly elevated. To prevent irritation, avoid applying AHA, Retinol, Vitamin C or other harsh skincare products to the treated area for at least 24 hours. Steering clear of hot saunas for two weeks is also recommended. If you notice some slight bruising and swelling in the days following your jawline filler treatment, this is entirely normal. You can use Arnica Pilules or Hirudoid cream to reduce the appearance of bruising or take an antihistamine to assist with swelling. 

With minimal downtime and easy recovery, jawline filler is ideal for those looking for a minimally invasive treatment that will help correct their aesthetic facial concerns. To ensure you are happy with your cosmetic results, we encourage all of our patients to book a follow-up appointment, where we will assess the aesthetic outcome and determine whether the dermal filler has settled correctly. If you’d like to add further volume and definition to the areas we’ve treated, we can inject additional jawline filler and book another follow-up appointment two weeks later. It’s important to note that dermal jawline filler takes time to build. This means you may need more than one session to achieve your desired results.

Book your treatment for jawline filler in Australia at Body Sculpting Clinics today

Whether you want to lift and sculpt or recorrect a weaker jawline profile, our medical team of skilled cosmetic injectors is here to help correct your aesthetic concerns and boost your overall confidence in the process. If you think this treatment may be right for you, you can book a consultation today at Body Sculpting Clinics. We will listen to your main concerns during this meeting and create a customised treatment plan that will improve your problem areas.

Once we have talked you through the process during our online call, you can book your cosmetic treatment at one of our clinics in Bondi Junction, Darlinghurst, North Ryde, North Sydney, Parramatta or Charlestown. Don’t forget to view our before and after images so you can see real-life transformational results from previous clients we’ve performed this treatment on. 

If you have any questions about jawline filler in Australia, the cost, or the types of filler we use for long-lasting results, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team today. We’re here to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the entire process, so you can be satisfied with your jawline filler treatment results.

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