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Beauty is deeply individual, unique and powerful.  In this interview series we ask some fascinating personalities to share their intimate stories. We discover their approach and definitions of beauty – as well as their path to self-confidence. Capturing their perspective with imagery shot through their own lens, we view their unique relationship with beauty, and one that highlights their own personal journey.

What is your day to day routine?

I’m an early riser and love to be up for dawn. First light is such a magical time of day! I always hydrate my body with a large glass of warm lemon water and take a probiotic for digestive health first thing. Then I write down something I am grateful for in my journal, followed by a meditation, a matcha latte and some form of exercise. This helps set a grounded and positive tone for the rest of my day.

After my workout – which could be a long walk, a Barre class or Kaaiaa class – I have a nourishing breakfast and get into work. I work as a health and beauty writer, so it’s wellness and skincare all day for me.

At the end of my work day I like to get off the screens and head down to the beach to dive into the ocean. This really refreshes me and is a great way to wash away any stresses of the day. 


What is your day to day beauty routine?

To support my skin from the inside-out, I make sure I’m loading up on all the colours of the rainbow to provide me with plenty of nutrients and antioxidants, as well as healthy fats (avocado with everything!), and staying hydrated with 2-3L water. 

My skincare routine I practise in the morning and evening consists of cleaner, serum, face oil, moisturiser and eye cream. In the morning I’ll also add a zinc-based sunscreen to this as the final step to protect my skin from both the sun’s UV rays and the blue light emitted by digital devices, which has also been shown to cause photo-ageing. I’m really passionate about using clean beauty products. Some of my favourite botanical actives and natural ingredients are Kakadu plum (the richest natural source of vitamin C), Bakuchiol (a natural retinol alternative) and hyaluronic acid (incredibly plumping!).

I also aim to use a gua sha and dry body brush a few times a week to support the lymphatic system, which has plenty of beauty and health benefits.

Images by Olivia Nachle

How has lockdown impacted your routine?

Lockdown definitely gave me a moment of pause and time to slow down a touch. It actually made my routines more important than ever before, as they help to structure your day and keep you taking care of yourself. I’d definitely say that my self-care game went up during lockdown. As I wasn’t able to get to salons or clinics, I took to treating myself to some DIY facials and pamper sessions. I also invested in a dermal roller and LED device so I could use some higher-tech methods of supporting my skin even from home.

I love that something which has sprung out of the pandemic lockdowns around the world is the recognition that the beauty industry is so intrinsic to wellness as a form of self-care! It’s really transitioned from being something that was once viewed as a form of “vanity” to being celebrated as an essential and nourishing act that has a positive impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

What makes you feel well and balanced during lockdown?

Sunrise yoga at the beach, spending time in nature, writing in my journal, calls and zooms with loved ones and making nourishing meals.

What was your experience with your treatments at Body Sculpting Clinics?

I love the radio frequency facial at Body Sculpting Clinics – it feels so relaxing. The staff are always wonderful.  It really gives my skin that lit-from-within glow afterwards! Perfect for before an event or when your skin needs an extra boost.

Images by Olivia Nachle

How do professional beauty treatments compare to your at home beauty routine?

I think a good at-home routine is really important for maintain your overall skin health and preventing ageing. Being consistent with this over time will give you incredible long term benefits. On the other hand, professional beauty treatments certainly pack a bit more punch when it comes to achieving noticeable results in a short time period and for deeper rejuvenation. I think the ultimate beauty routine is a combination of both!

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