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EMSCULPT Vs EMBODY: What You Need To Know



Target stubborn fat areas and tone your muscles with EMBODY™

Sometimes, no matter how committed we are to eating a balanced diet and having a regular exercise routine, it can be hard to get rid of lingering fat in some of those tricky-to-target areas. Preventing many of our clients from seeing the full extent of their hard work, these residual fat reserves are a common pain point for many people around the world.

If you are looking for a non-invasive way to shed the last bits of stubborn fat and provide some extra tone and definition to your muscles, EMBODY™ may be an excellent solution for your needs.

When it comes to toning your muscles, two factors are essential for getting the desired results: increased muscle mass and decreased superficial fat. For most people, our muscles are covered in a layer of superficial fat — causing a softer, less toned appearance in areas like our thighs, butt, arms and abdomen. While a thin layer of superficial fat is necessary to keep our skin and internal organs safe, excess superficial fat is a common issue for many people who want to see the improved results from their balanced diet and exercise routine.


EMBODY™ is a medical-grade high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) designed to induce thousands of powerful muscle contractions in targeted areas, resulting in increased muscle toning. As the only non-surgical lift and sculpt option available on the market today, EMSCULPT and EMBODY™ procedures can burn visceral fat and strengthen your muscles in just a short thirty-minute session. Capable of delivering the results of doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats at 90% capacity, EMBODY™ offers the fastest return on investment for anyone looking to tone their hard-to-tackle areas naturally.

Male Muscular Body

A short thirty-minute session..... Capable of delivering the results of doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats at 90% capacity,...


How EMBODY™ treatments work:

In order to improve muscle tone, our muscles need to increase their mass through repetitive muscle contractions. Similar to hitting the gym and pumping some serious iron, EMBODY™ works to induce thousands of powerful muscle contractions in large muscle groups like the quadriceps, buttocks and abdomen to encourage additional muscle strength and lift. As our muscles become stronger and we burn off some of our superficial fat reserves, a more tight and toned appearance can be achieved in even the hardest-to-target areas.


The non-invasive high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology used during an EMBODY™ procedure is capable of targeting the deep supramaximal muscles that aren’t voluntarily contracted during regular exercise. Commonly performed in two 30 minute sessions two days apart, clients can see amazing results without having to spend hours in the gym.

EMSCULPT vs EMBODY™ - what you need to know

As this procedure increases in popularity around the world, more people are interested in learning about the differences between the EMSCULPT and EMBODY™. Being almost similar services that offer the same benefits and results, the difference between the two products is more related to the slight differences in handles and treatment areas.  Both devices are engineered by the same medical grade manufacturer BTL Aesthetics, which is a world leader in HIFEM technology, which is also patented to them. 

EMSCULPT™ by BTL Aesthetics is a trademarked name and brand of high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology that offers clients natural lift and toning in more areas of the body, which includes biceps and calf muscles. 

EMBODY™ by BTL Aesthetics is a proven method of achieving natural muscle toning and fat burning and both devices have been subject to rigorous clinical trials and studies. As an FDA-approved procedure, EMBODY™ is a safe and effective toning and lifting procedure when administered by fully qualified and certified providers.  EMBODY only focuses on abdominal and gluteal muscle toning. 


The benefits of EMBODY™

When performed by a trained clinician, EMBODY™ can offer a wide variety of benefits. Some of the most commonly reported benefits include:

  • A non-invasive procedure — Say goodbye to needles, scalpels, and unnecessary scarring! As EMBODY™ is non-invasive in nature, the procedure is done without any anesthesia or surgical intervention. Able to induce significant fat burning and muscle strengthening in a short thirty-minute session, EMBODY™ is an excellent choice for anyone looking to tone and tighten without the risks of invasive surgery.
  • Minimal to no downtime — Did you know that you can walk in and out of your EMBODY™ procedure appointment without any need to change your daily schedule? Without the need for surgical and anesthesia recovery times, there is virtually no downtime with EMBODY™ procedures, making them a great choice for even the busiest of people.
  • It is safe for most clients — Unlike surgical procedures that require extensive medical and health screening assessments, EMBODY™ offers all of the benefits without the additional risks. Great for clients who are wary of going under the knife, this non-surgical option is definitely worth considering.

Commonly targeted areas with EMBODY™

Whether you want to define your 6-pack or tighten and tone your bum, EMBODY™ can offer high-quality results in as few as two sessions. Some of the most popular locations for EMBODY™ procedures include:

  • Abdominal muscle-sculpting Ab Sculpt treatments are great for both women and men looking to add some extra definition to their abdominal muscles. Burning fat while also building muscle, there is no better way to enhance your physique in a natural and non-invasive way.
  • Butt muscle toning — For anyone looking to enhance the shape and perkiness of their bum, Butt Sculpt procedures can be incredibly effective. By inducing powerful contractions in the deep supramaximal muscles of the butt, clients who undergo EMBODY™ notice significant changes in the tightness and toning of their bum after the procedure.
  • Abdominal separation repair — Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation) is a common side effect of pregnancy. As the body expands to accommodate a growing baby, it is very common for the abdominal recti muscles to separate. As the only non-surgical treatment option to build and repair the muscles in the abdominal area, EMBODY™ for abdominal separation can be an incredibly effective treatment option for women in the postpartum period.
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About Body Sculpting Clinics

At Body Sculpting Clinics, we are committed to helping our clients feel great in their skin with non-invasive and natural cosmetic treatment options. With convenient clinic locations across the country, we would love to see you at our North Sydney, Parramatta Westfield, North Ryde, Darlinghurst, Charlestown or Bondi Junction Westfield locations.

With complimentary consultation appointments available for all of our procedures, we would love to discuss how we can help you gain confidence.


What is EMBODY™?

EMBODY™ is a non-invasive treatment that is capable of burning fat and building muscle during a single appointment. As an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get rid of any stubborn and hard to remove fat, EMBODY™ procedures can be safely administered in any fully certified clinic.

Often used on common problem areas like the abdomen and buttocks, EMBODY™ high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology helps to facilitate additional toning and tightening past your current health and wellness routine.

How do EMSCUPLT and EMBODY™ work?

As the world’s first non-invasive fat burning and muscle toning procedure, EMBODY™ works by inducing thousands of powerful muscle contractions in the desired targeted area. Equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats at 90% capacity, many clients see significant changes to the appearance of their body in as little as two 30-minute appointments.

Able to stimulate the deep supramaximal muscles of the abdominal and buttocks, EMBODY™ can help increase muscle tone in areas that cannot be voluntarily contracted during the average workout. This enhanced muscle mass helps provide a tightening and lifting effect to the desired areas.

What happens during an EMBODY™ procedure?

As a non-surgical treatment option, your appointments for any EMBODY™ are incredibly efficient and comfortable. Seeing as you can drive yourself to and from your appointment and continue on with your day as normal afterwards, EMBODY™ procedures can easily be added into your busy schedule without significant hassle. 


Once your fully certified and compliant provider has attached the HIFEM machine to your desired area, clients just get to rest and relax! While some clients report feeling a pulling sensation in the targeted area, most clients feel no pain throughout the entire procedure. Once thirty minutes have passed, your procedure is done, and you are free to go. Some clients report some tenderness and soreness to the targeted site (like they had done a hard workout) in the days that follow, but this symptom is quick to dissipate and is easy to manage with stretching and over-the-counter pain medications (if necessary).

How long do EMBODY™ and EMSCULPT benefits and results last?

As a natural treatment option, the results from EMBODY™ procedures typically last for an average of six months to a year. These results can be sustained by maintaining a balanced diet and exercise routine and doing regular EMBODY™ procedures. For more examples of the end results of EMBODY™ treatments, before-and-after pictures can be a helpful resource for assessing if the procedure is a good fit for your needs.

Am I a candidate for EMBODY™?

EMBODY™ treatments are not for everyone. While each of us has our own unique goals, lifestyle habits, and genetic predispositions, some clients may find that EMBODY™ services are not an ideal fit for their needs.


If you are interested in learning more about EMBODY™ services, an online or in-person consultation with your chosen clinician is a great place to start. During this appointment, your provider will be able to answer many of the common questions, make recommendations, and ultimately decide if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

Generally speaking, EMBODY™ services are best suited for clients who already live a healthy and active lifestyle, have a body mass index (BMI) within regular ranges, and are looking for an extra boost in their already existing health routines. Clients looking for “quick and easy” weight loss solutions are generally not considered to be good

How do I know if EMBODY™ is safe?

When considering whether EMBODY™ is the right fit for your needs, it is important to consider which provider you would want to perform the procedure. As a TGA and FDA-approved device, EMBODY™ procedures are safe when performed by a fully compliant and certified practitioner. 


When in doubt, do some research about your chosen clinic prior to your appointment and don’t be afraid to ask! During your consultation appointment for your procedure, it is highly recommended that you question your provider about their certification. If they are properly accredited, they should be able to provide examples of the client safety protocols they have in place to reduce the risk of injury and harm.

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    Thanks so much

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    What is the cost of Body sculpt & how many treatments are needed for best results

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    Hi there, I am 6 months post partum and interested in embody for stomach and glutes. Can you please give me an idea of prices ? Thank you

    • Body Sculpting Clinics says:

      Hi Deborah, its a fantastic treatment postpartum – many members of our team that are mums have loved this as it strengthens and works in a therapeutic capacity to help improve not only ab separation but also posture. We currently have lots of different specials on for first time client, I highly recommend booking in for a complimentary consultation with one of the members of the team and here Complimentary Consultation Book Here that way they can discuss the best treatment forward and plan and you can make a fully informed decision. All our treatments in mind are medical grade and made to be affordable so lets discuss budget when you pop in!

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    Hi how much is a session of embody and do you offer course prices, thanks

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