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WATCH: Tips For Managing Stress


Cassie Cameron

The Muse

International model Cassie, shares her secrets for managing stress

Cassie Cameron is a Psych-K Facilitator and Certified Meditation Teacher, she believes that mental health is a human experience, and far from being an elephant in the room, it should be spoken about and addressed.

Born from her own experiences with stress and anxiety due to overwork, burnout and trying to “do it all” as a young entrepreneur, she went through the process of navigating her way back to optimal health through trying a variety of traditional and alternative methods, leading to some incredible discoveries about the mind-body connection.

Throughout her mental health journey, she uncovered two key things: that mental wellbeing is completely different for each and everyone, so our resources and tools need to be just as personalised, and that the mind-body connection is more powerful than we think. She discovered through extensive research and consulting with countless experts just how much our mental state affects our physical health and vice versa.

Most profoundly, her experience with stress and anxiety led to a profound inner transformation and awakening; a shift in perception and deepening in understanding about herself and the nature of life. This inspired her to pursue her calling to connect curious, dedicated individuals with their path to continue along their journey of growth. Since then she has become a passionate Psych-K Facilitator and meditation teacher and has witnessed incredible transformation in both herself and others.


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